The various grants obtained testify to the quality of MUTABILIS research


In 2017 Mutabilis joined the ENABLE consortium ( This program, which belongs to the New Drugs For Bad Bugs (ND4BB) action  (, supports and accelerates the development of novel antibiotics targeting the most worrisome pathogens today (gram neg, ESKAPE). ND4BB is funded by IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative), the largest Publi-Private Partnership in the field of Life Sciences (


Through this platform Mutabilis have access to a whole range of  services supporting its Dabocins programme up to the phase 1 clinical trials.


extrait bact 2


In December 2005, bases of chemical compounds of natural origin have been gathered within the “chemical library” project in order to find new hits, including anti-bacterial virulence for MUTABILIS.

This project was funded by the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis and labeled by the Medicen competitiveness cluster.


Bacteria seen under a  scanning microscope


In January 2006, Mutabilis began its work on the European “Dynamic Interactive Chemical Biology and Biomedecine” program which enabled it to lay the groundwork for his research in anti-bacterial virulence.

Additional funding was also received through several grants including ANR, ANRS and repayable funds from BPI.


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