The Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC, France)

MUTABILIS has been working for many years with Dr. Marc Ruff, a researcher at the IGBMC in Strasbourg. Dr. Ruff’s team has solved numerous co-structures of MUTABILIS compounds in connection with their target protein. website

Kinesis Pharma BV (The Netherlands)

Kinesis Pharma, a consulting firm specializing in the development of drugs, supports MUTABILIS projects, from the discovery of the drug to clinical phases. website

Trusted partnership

Professor Kosma, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria)

Pr. Kosma, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna has been working with MUTABILIS for several years. Pr. Kosma is a world renowned expert in the field of the chemistry of complex carbohydrates. website

Dr. Stéphane Emiliani: Paris Descartes University, Cochin Institute (Paris)

MUTABILIS has been working, via a CIFRE fellowship, with the team of Dr. Stéphane Emiliani, specializing in the study of host/cell interactions and HIV-1. website

Activation, Atlanchim Pharma, Charnwood Molecular, Chiral technology, Edelris, Johnson-Matthey, Jubilant Chemsys Ltd, Onyx Scientific Ltd, Oxeltis.

To accelerate its research programs MUTABILIS has established several partnerships in the field of chemical synthesis.


Preliminary and preclinical studies (ADME and toxicity) are conducted by specialized CRO such as: Admescope, Cyprotex, Pharmidex, Wilresearch.

MUTABILIS benefits from the expertise of consultants from Pharsight International Sarl France in the fields of pharmacokinetics, modeling and simulation.

Thierry Arnal
, a consultant specializing in chemical engineering processes also advises MUTABILIS.