Founded in 2001, MUTABILIS is a spin-off of INSERM, based on the work of Professor Xavier Nassif’s team, pioneer in the identification of virulence genes in the Neisseria Meningitidis. These studies were then transposed to all Gram – bacteria, then to Gram+ bacteria.

In 2004, MUTABILIS leaves its premises in the Necker Hospital to join Biocitech Science Park, near Paris, in order to expand.

Originally composed of a few biologists, the team is then reinforced, especially through the creation of a team of chemists, which allows to work in parallel on several antibacterial programs. Two solicitations of funds in 2002 and 2004, helped raise more than €10 million to finance this growth.


In 2009, MUTABILIS was bought by PharmaOmnium laboratory.

In 2010, MUTABILIS acquires Cellvir (another INSERM spin-off), created in 2007 and led by Dr. Richard Benarous. Cellvir, specializing in the research against the HIV, works more particularly on this virus’ integrase. An additional team of chemists is then recruited and MUTABILIS acquires new premises, still in Biocitech.

To date, MUTABILIS SAS is at the forefront of anti-infection research, with a team composed of 30 scientists: technicians, engineers and physicians.